Osceola Center for the Arts has always worked to promote art in the Osceola community. Based in Kissimmee- and intentionally placed in a central location within the town- the people at Osceola Arts continue to further the vision that was dreamt by the founders of the “Footlight Theatre Guild” in the 1960s. Not only do concerts and events occur, but Osceola Arts makes community education, interest, and participation central to their mandate. As a non-profit organization functioning within the community, Osceola Arts uses their space to offer convenient and cost-effective arts programming to Central Florida residents- this develops a creative community in which healthy expression, collaboration, and artistic fulfillment are all cultivated with an admirable level of consistency. Although it all began as a simple theatre company, playing shows in local high schools, the scope of Osceola Arts’ purpose has only widened in significance and scope as time has gone on. At this point, there is no doubt that the organization provides an invaluable service to the greater community, with carefully curated art occurring, and an impressive range of arts education programs for people of all ages. This is not the official page for Osceola Arts. Instead, it is a page devoted to telling the story and preserving the legacy of this amazing community institution.

The Osceola Center for the Arts organization has grown significantly since its modest beginnings. On an annual basis, the group is committed to producing hundreds of events in the realm of visual and performing arts. There are two separate theatre companies, several visual art endeavors, a range of fresh touring artists, and a lot of community-based art programming to ensure that the organization remains accountable to the people it serves. Osceola Arts takes their role as the “Local Arts Agency” for the region incredibly seriously, and there is no denying the positive impact that the company has had, and continues to have, on the city as a whole.

Whether the name is “Osceola Arts,” “Osceola Center for the Arts,” “Osceola Art & Culture Center,” “The Footlight Theatre Guild,” or whatever it may rebrand itself as in the future, it has become obvious that this particular institution will continue to contribute to the community in which it was born, performing an essential role in providing the Osceola area with amazing art, creative culture, and healthy community.

The Center can be found at 2411 East Irlo Bronson Highway in Kissimmee Florida (34744). The main building- which is located at in Kissimmee- is not far from the Orlando International Airport, and within a very short driving distance to ”Orlando’s major theme parks”. The city of Orlando, itself, is also quite nearby. The space operates as a business, with hours of operation from Tuesday to Friday, opening at 10:00 AM and closing at 5:00 PM. This schedule does not include most regularly scheduled events, and the center’s Box Office will generally open one hour before any particular event occurs in the venue.