Osceola Center for the Arts hosts a wide variety of events, but they can basically be categorized in four basic categories-- this is not a comprehensively divided list of subsections, but the following types of events occur with some regularity, hosted by Osceola Arts.

A range of concerts occur at Osceola Center for the Arts. The Big Band Spring Concert is a crowd favorite, which occurs on an annual basis every spring. Many touring artists, bands, and musical acts will come through the area and choose to play at Osceola Arts.

The Main Stage series is a series of theatre shows that are often well-known and produced with impressive casts of actors and actresses. Tickets are quite affordable, and the plays that are produced are usually fairly famous; for example, plays like “Rock of Ages,” “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” “The Little Mermaid,” and more significant musical theatre shows are produced at Osceola Arts on an annual basis. Typically, you will find a “Broadway-style” musical or play on stage at almost any point of the year! These shows are usually quite family friendly and accessible, and they will surely entertain anybody. If you enjoy watching some top-tier performances at a beautiful historic cultural center for an affordable rate, there may not be a better place for you than the Osceola Center for the Arts… Take advantage of the fantastic Main Stage series. Within any given season,there is sure to be something that you will love!

Unlike the Main Stage series, the Stage Left studio series chooses challenging plays from the alternative scene. With a fiercely independent edge, the titles of these plays may not seem as immediately recognizable, but this does not mean that the work is any less relevant; for a taste of what is bubbling under the surface of American and international theatre, consider purchasing a ticket to any of the pieces of theatre offered in this interesting and intense series. Typically, these are not “all ages” shows, but meant solely for mature audience members. This event series occurs in the Edward A. Moore Studio Theater.

Osceola Arts offers all sorts of classes to educate and inform local citizens on how to engage with all sorts of creative endeavors. Comedy acting, writing, singing, and painting classes are all made available, which the public often embraces with enthusiasm. Such programs have more benefits than you might know!

From Lip Sync Battles to corporate conferences and beyond, an amazing variety of events occur at this events center.