Coming to Visit

Osceola Center for the Arts is a facility in Kissimmee. Since it was renovated in 2014, this seems to be the home of Osceola Arts for the foreseeable future. Get to the center by taking Exit 244 off the Florida Turnpike. Under half an hour from Central Orlando and even closer to the major theme parks, Osceola can be a great place to spend a day away from the big city. Call ahead to check the programming- there is always a fantastic music show or a great play (or two) running.

Don’t worry about parking, as there is a sizable parking lot built to hold the amount of people who may be attending the Center. Parking is free and convenient, just as it should be.

There are many highly-rated and very popular restaurants right in Kissimmee, including several pizza spots, some great cafes, pubs, and BBQ stops. In nearby St. Cloud, there are also many delicious grills, bars, restaurants, and ethnic food locations. More than a dozen great restaurants are located within a ten-minute drive from the Osceola Center for the Arts-- fantastic spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As far accessibility, Osceola employs wheelchair accessibility and keeps designated areas for wheelchair users in all of their theatre and gallery spaces. Accessibility ramps can be found in every gallery and theatre space.

The programming is always changing, but it is very consistent. Broadway-style shows, music concerts, alternative theatre, incredible visual art galleries, and all sorts of seasonal offerings are available throughout the entire year. Feel free to give them a call to see what’s playing on the stage, as the chances are that it will be programming which you will not want to miss!

Whether you are local to the area, live in the community, or are a tourist who is wanting to take a day away from the chaos of big city Orlando and the amazing (but stressful) theme parks, there is something of value to be found at Osceola Center for the Arts. If you are a corporate entity looking for a space to host your event or conference, Osceola Arts has everything you need-- and more!