Visual Arts

Osceola’s visual arts component continues to grow and evolve into something truly magnificent. At this point, there are three gallery settings which are curated or at least organized by the people at Osceola Visual Arts. To further this point, you can find the imprint of Osceola Arts’ Visual Arts agenda outside of these galleries, and find them out and about the region.

For example, Osceola’s “Art in Public Places” endeavor is a bold one which sees installations of art popping up all over Osceola County. This endeavor is supported by several partners in business in government. Kissimmee’s City Hall, the Hart Memorial, Buena Ventura Lakes library, and Florida Hospital Celebration’ are examples of public places that art has popped up in the past.

Beyond this, ”Florida Mosaic”is a festival of arts that Osceola Art produces on an annual basis. This festival has grown quite a reputation, and people from all over Central Florida come to see the arts and crafts, art workshops, as well as music, theatre, food, and other festival elements. This festival is known to occur in April, and many residents of the county enjoy the festival so much annually that they spend most of the year looking forward to the next one!

The galleries feature rotating artists from the county, state, and rest of the nation. Various artists who work in all sorts of visual arts fields have graced the walls of the studios and galleries at Osceola Arts. Photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, and more are forms that are considered by Osceola. Osceola Arts brings in a variety of work- some that is certainly aimed toward mature audiences and other exhibitions which have a broader, more accessible appeal. Some exhibitions are thematic; others are based on the work of a single artist. Regardless, the art that graces the walls here at Osceola Arts is always of the highest quality.

Although Osceola Arts has primarily been known for theatrical performances over the decades, their reputation for Visual Arts has increased substantially since its inception, too; amazing artists teach classes and workshops, while the galleries are filled with the incredible work of local visual artists and those from outside the community, as well.